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Related Gardens


Related Gardens

At Related, we believe in building the best urban landscape environments: for our cities, and their people

We invite you to discover the green spaces we create in our neighborhoods, and the positive impact they have on their communities.

Our company has been creating and maintaining green spaces, from small planters to entire parks, for 50 years.

We know how important being around gardens and green spaces is to our residents, visitors and community members.

This connection and appreciation for all things green is a global phenomenon, and it is rooted in a common pleasure: the one brought by a quiet moment in or near a green space. And whether stemming from contemplation or an active gardening routine, this small pleasure has been proven to bring emotional nourishment, psychological balance, as well as physical health benefits to our bodies and minds.


We are proud to introduce Related Gardens, a new initiative that will highlight Related’s long-standing commitment to this important topic.

We invite you to discover the myriad of green spaces we’ve created and maintained, season after season, in our communities.


Please visit this section of our website for content spotlights on our gardens and green spaces, present and future, through the voice of our collaborators, and residents.

Bennett Park - One Bennett Park, Chicago
The Square - West Palm Beach, Florida
Garden at Hunter's Point South
Garden at The Harriet Tubman Building
Featured Related Garden
Featured Related Garden

Brent Cross Town's newly opened Claremont Park has been designed as a people-first green space, incorporating feedback from the neighborhood during the design process. Combining wellness principles with natural elements, such as 300 tree plantings and the creation of new nature trails, Claremont Park invites the entire community to come together and play, exercise and explore.

Featured Related Garden
Featured Related Garden

A verdant garden connects the two buildings of luxury condominium Lantern House, enticing its residents to spend more time outdoors, and offering a beautiful sight to visitors walking through the adjacent High Line park. With access to a quiet private garden, Lantern House residents can spend time in a soothing natural landscape without leaving home, sitting at café tables and built-in benches alongside native plantings.

Featured Related Garden
Featured Related Garden
The Grand LA's native plants and gardens connect visitors with nature

The Grand LA, a 12-acre mixed-use destination, will feature over 25,000 plants that are local to the Southern California ecosystem, which will help birds and pollinating insects and benefit visitors with its open green spaces. Watch the video to learn more about The Grand LA's year-round gardens.

Featured Related Garden
Featured Related Garden
Hunter's Point South residents shape their own private garden

Get to know our gardens and green spaces, present and future, through the voices of our collaborators and residents. In this video, the residents of permanently affordable development Hunter's Point South share how the building's community garden and outdoor spaces help elevate their quality of life.


Community Garden

Hudson Yards team helps build veggie garden at NYC's Hudson River Park

At the end of April, team members from Hudson Yards helped local Hudson River Park build a new garden in the northern area of its Compost Center. The volunteers prepared four gardening beds, constructing them from hay bales, wooden railroad ties, gravel, soil and the compost collected from the composting facility, which will help grow fresh vegetables available for harvesting by the park’s more than 17 million annual visitors and members.