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Wollman Rink NYC welcomes back skaters with renewed facilities and a focus on community

On November 14th, Wollman Rink NYC celebrated serving the public again with a grand reopening ceremony in Central Park, hosting visitors from around the city with a day of complimentary skating. In partnership with Equinox and Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, Related is proud to be part of Wollman Rink Partners, a local coalition that is committed to placing the community first. All net proceeds from Wollman Rink NYC will be given back to the rink, to the city and to community partners—such as non-profits Ice Hockey In Harlem, Girls Inc. and Green City Force. Sunday's commemorative event for the city's beloved rink also introduced its newly improved facilities, which include a new clubhouse, renovated bathrooms, a new gift shop and a new ticket booth, with a new kitchen and dining options forthcoming. As part of a goal to make the rink more accessible to all, Wollman Rink NYC will offer a discounted ticket program at the start of every month. The rink also features the NYC Artist Project, which has commissioned works by local artists from various backgrounds to represent the diversity of NYC's five boroughs.