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The Square hosts Black History Month celebration with engaging activities for the entire family

On February 5th, The Square kicked off 2022's Black History Month with a special event presented by The Office of African, African American, Latino and Gender Studies in collaboration with Rohi's Readery. "Stories of Black Excellence, Brilliance and Joy: Fostering Pride Through Children's Literature" guided visitors of all ages through a day-long experience honoring Black history, makers, educators, businesses, young people and more. The event was free and open to the public, bringing together people from all over the West Palm Beach community and encouraging them to recognize Black culture not only during February, but every month of the year.

The day began with live musical performances as visitors explored the artisanal market filled with local Black-owned businesses, such as Glowrious Bath & Body, which creates skin-healing products using an all natural approach. Jade Wonzo of Jade Light Yoga organized a yoga class focused on including all body types, helping break down social barriers and establishing a space where all participants could feel welcome. Alicia Garcia, founder of Project Flourish, taught a cooking class for children that explored plant-based recipes, nutritious foods and the history of their ancestors' sustainable eating practices. Brian Knowles, manager of The Office of African, African American, Latino, Holocaust, and Gender Studies, led a workshop aimed at educators and adults called "The Power of African & AA Literacy," which explored how integrating children's cultural backgrounds and experiences into their education could lead to better outcomes for both teachers and students. Flose LaPierre of Write to Heal held an adult creative writing workshop that combined mindfulness with self-expression, using meditation, breathing exercises, guided writing prompts, group sharing and after care resources to make attendees feel supported. West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James made a special appearance by leading a Revolutionary Storytime session, reading to children from Jazz for Lunch!, which fuses the rhythm and history of jazz music with culinary inspirations. Eclectic Conversations moderated “A Conversation about Black Joy and Brilliance,” a panel discussion for teens that encouraged them to discover freedom and power in their identities.