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Related's commitment to the environment

This Earth Day, Related is proud to renew our commitment to the planet and to sustainable real estate. By working together with our partners and local organizations, we find ways to reduce our environmental impact every day while serving our communities. Keep reading to learn more about sustainable and innovation examples from our developments and how these principles are embedded in our DNA.

Related Beal is integrating sustainable design principles in its developments to improve wellness and building resiliency, such as mixed-use center Channelside—a 1.1-million-square-foot LEED-Gold-anticipated destination that will add over 3.5 acres to Boston's green spaces. Channelside will incorporate green features like a flood defense system, energy-reducing MEP systems to power each building and 150 new tree plantings. Channelside will also compete the South Bay Harbor Trail, which connects multiple South Boston waterfront neighborhoods, and its streets will prioritize pedestrians and bicycles.

Related Northwest is embracing alternate energy sources in its residential developments, such as Crescent Court Apartments in Portland, OR. The permanently affordable residence uses solar panels to power up to 80% of its energy needs, and a rooftop Generac battery stores additional energy so that Crescent Court Apartments will remain lit and operational even during blackouts.

Related Southeast is introducing greener and healthier Class-A office buildings to West Palm Beach, FL with developments like One Flagler, which will extend the Flagler waterfront greenbelt with an additional 1.25 acres of green space. The LEED-Gold-anticipated building's state-of-the-art infrastructure will minimize energy usage and its architecture will promote wellness for office workers with multiple landscaped terraces and a 1-acre park and reflection pool.

Argent Related considers environmental impact early on in the development process, clearly illustrated in mixed-use "park town" Brent Crosstown. The mixed-use center will add over 50 acres of green parks and playing fields in North London, making healthy living easier and more accessible to all. This environmental commitment is tangible in Brent Cross Town's pledge to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest, made possible by incorporating low-carbon construction techniques, carbon offsetting and circular economy principles that encourage sharing, reusing and recycling.