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Related Midwest launches networking event series to foster community collaboration

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In November, Related Midwest hosted the first Curating Connections gathering, part of a series of networking events designed to bring together Chicago's construction, development and architecture industries. Focused on community development, the event began with a wine tasting led by local tastemaker Derrick Westbrook. As the first Black sommelier featured on the cover of Wine Enthusiast, Westbrook provided his expertise to guide event attendees through the art of wine tasting. Afterwards, Related Midwest Senior Vice President of Development Michael Ellch moderated an engaging panel discussion about the impact of community development on the city's neighborhoods, exploring how companies can help make the industry more inclusive. The panel featured a diverse group of real estate thought leaders including Phillip Beckham from P3 Markets, Jorge Perez from Lake Effect Development, Ann Lui from Future Firm and Sandya Dandamudi from GI Stone. In 2024, Related Midwest's Curating Connections series will continue with two more events that will create additional occasions for community members to connect and learn from one another.