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Pocket Living's Harbard Close IG11 integrates sustainable features to make homes more efficient

Located in the Barking area of East London, Pocket Living's affordable and workforce development Harbard Close IG11 combines community and modern finishes with an eye towards sustainability. The building's one-bedroom homes are reserved for locals who live or work in London, and they reflect eco-friendly contemporary designs that make first-time homeowners feel proud of where they live. With built-in green features such as sustainably-sourced timber floors, FSC certified laminate kitchen countertops, energy-efficient kitchen appliances, dual-flush toilets and showers that use up to 60% less water, each home has been meticulously designed to effortlessly reduce residents' environmental impacts while lowering their utility bills.

Even during the build phase, using the construction method of light gauge steel work meant that Harbard Close IG11 would be 20% more efficiently built compared to traditional builds, when considering carbon output and material waste. The development's space and water heating uses electricity instead of gas, which is partially powered by solar panels on the roof, and the low-energy and LED lighting inside and out ensures that less energy will be consumed. The main communal space, dubbed the Garden Room, features co-working booths that have been upcycled from London office spaces, CO2 neutral flooring, low VOC paints on the walls and large windows that maximize sunlight. By using more energy-efficient and sustainable design principles, Pocket Living developments like Harbard Close IG11 are paving the way for more innovative housing that benefits the whole community.