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Pocket Living offers Londoners homes that come with a built-in sense of community

In one of the world’s busiest cities where neighbors often remain strangers, Pocket Living is creating homeownership opportunities for middle-earning Londoners who also prize a sense of community. Rather than finding themselves forced to choose between a vibrant urban lifestyle and a home of their own, Pocket buyers who qualify can purchase their first home affordably within the city (at a 20% discount compared to the market rate) and take advantage of each property’s communal offerings. Every Pocket development contains communal spaces that range from roof terraces to landscaped gardens to “communal hubs” that create a sense of togetherness and designate space for social activities. Whenever a new resident moves into a Pocket development, they’re able to meet their neighbors at an ice-breaker event to welcome them. Later on, they’re included in a residents’ management committee for each development, which allows them to voice their opinions on how the building should be run.