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Meet Cherise, a resident of Pocket Living’s West Green Place

Growing up in public housing within a city known for its high real estate prices, Cherise had never dreamed of owning her own home—until she discovered Pocket Living, a London-based developer offering aspiring homeowners an opportunity to purchase a residence at a 20% discount compared to the market rate. Cherise is local to the Haringey neighborhood, so she was qualified to buy a Pocket home, since the program prioritizes first-time homeowners who are already living in the community. Pocket’s step-by-step guides to home ownership and responsive customer service team helped answer Cherise’s questions and made her feel more confident, but it wasn’t until she set her eyes on her future home at West Green Place that she knew it was “the ideal place” for her. Watch the video to hear Cherise’s experience with Pocket Living.