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Local artist Ryan Peltier adds bold color and vibrancy to Shoreline Plaza

In partnership with Artrepreneur, Related Affordable is proud to present a new mural at affordable residence Shoreline Plaza by Minneapolis-based artist Ryan Peltier. As a lifelong artist, Peltier employs his creativity to uplift others and add positivity to his surroundings with his distinctive artwork. Peltier designed and created the mural panel by panel, using a precise process to bring his creation to life along one of Shoreline Plaza's exterior walls. The mural provided him a way to reflect the vivid spirit of his community, as well as to shape the daily lives of residents and visitors who pass by the large-scale artwork. Shoreline Plaza residents now come home to a brightly colored original mural that represents the joyous energy of their city's summer parades. Watch the video to learn more about Peltier and the mural at Shoreline Plaza.