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How Pocket Living is making a difference with modern modular construction to quickly deliver affordable homes

Pocket Living is one of the fastest growing affordable housing developers in London, transforming small and constrained parcels of land into discounted and attractive affordable homes for local first-time buyers. By embracing a modular construction approach—which involves building near-complete homes in a factory and then transporting them to the construction site—Pocket Living is able to accelerate the delivery of homes and reduce overall disruptions to the neighborhood. The result: compact one-bedroom units in each Pocket Home that are identical across each development. Modular homes are significantly quicker to build but are designed to the same codes and high standards as conventionally-built homes. This process plays a small but important role in addressing London’s current housing crisis, as more areas of the city can be efficiently developed than ever before, leading to more affordable homes for locals with dreams of homeownership.