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Fifteen Fifty partners with Epic Cleantec to launch San Francisco's first approved and operational greywater reuse system

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On November 1st, luxury residence Fifteen Fifty became the first development in San Francisco to integrate an approved and operational greywater reuse system, which will improve the development's sustainability and resilience in the face of droughts and climate change. Permitted and operated by innovative water reuse technology company Epic Cleantec, the greywater system captures rainwater and clean waste water—such as the water produced by appliances like washing machines—and purifies it into clean non-potable water that can be recycled for use in laundry, toilet flushing, irrigation and more. Epic Cleantec's purification technology can help residents reuse up to 95% of the greywater produced within their building, which can save up to 2.5 million gallons of water per year (the equivalent of 19 million water bottles). Related is proud to continue our tradition of implementing cutting-edge technological solutions to address climate challenges and leave a smaller environmental footprint.