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Edge's City Climb skyscraping adventure challenges visitors to reach daring new heights

Edge stands above New York City as the tallest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere. The must-see outdoor destination now offers City Climb for the most intrepid visitors—an experience that defies gravity and that has been deemed the highest open-air building ascent in the world. City Climb invites visitors to suspend themselves more than 1,200 feet above Manhattan's West Side.

In the first step of the City Climb experience, visitors will set aside their belongings, suit up in the Climbsuit and meet their expert Climb Guide. Then, they'll buckle up and strap in safely, coming face to face with The Rail, which will be their lifeline while climbing. After being briefed on final instructions for their ascent, visitors will carefully climb up a 45-degree angled staircase as a group. Once they reach the apex, each climber will then have the solo experience of leaning over the building, taking in some of the most adrenaline-pumping views of New York City. After the climb, visitors will each receive a medal of achievement and a video chronicling their exhilarating experience. Friends and family can support climbers from Edge as they complete their ascents, celebrating with well-deserved champagne toasts to an unforgettable feat.