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East London’s Harbard Close presents modern, sustainable homes to first-time buyers at an affordable price

In East London’s thriving Barking neighborhood, Harbard Close IG11 has introduced 78 one-bedroom homes that are exclusively available to local workers and residents who qualify as first-time homeowners. The brand new residences come at a 20% discount when compared to market rate apartments, which is an intentional part of UK developer Pocket Living’s mission—to help more young professionals stay in London who otherwise could not afford to. Each home comes with perks like big windows, a fully-equipped kitchen with built-in appliances and fiber broadband wiring for fast internet speeds. Every move-in ready Pocket home also benefits from being part of a connected community of like-minded residents, gaining access to shared areas like communal garden beds, a multi-purpose garden room and outdoor game and dining areas where people can get to know their neighbors. 

One of the most compelling aspects of Pocket Living developments like Harbard Close is the intention to provide future-proofed buildings that will ultimately contribute to more sustainable neighborhoods and cities. From using modular construction techniques that cut down on construction waste and community disruption to working with emerging architecture practices that allow for more creative building solutions, Pocket Living is committed to delivering homes that are built to last and that contribute less greenhouse gases. Each residence at Harbard Close features Earth-friendly design choices like LED lighting, thermally-efficient windows and electric heating systems with built-in digital thermostats, helping residents save money on utility bills while reducing their environmental footprints. The building includes a bike storage room with secure and covered access, which facilitates greener and healthier commutes, as well as solar panels that generate power for communal spaces. In outdoor areas, soft landscaping techniques provide ecological benefits like improved soil management, pest control and native plant integration. Only a short walk to Barking’s town center and steps away from multiple public transit options, Harbard Close also makes it easy for residents to get around without a car, whether it’s exploring their neighborhood on foot or quickly traveling to the other side of the city.