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Brent Cross Town to employ future-forward sound and music framework for enhanced well-being

For the first time in a UK development, 180-acre mixed-use center Brent Cross Town will embody a holistic approach to sound and music design in order to create a positive aural environment for residents, workers and visitors. While most developments focus on reducing "bad noise," such as traffic sounds and other loud, disruptive noises, Brent Cross Town will additionally create opportunities for positive noise that can potentially yield better health results for people who are exposed to them. This sound strategy is also supported by recent scientific findings, such as a November 2019 health review conducted by the World Health Organization that reported listening to music can produce reduced stress levels, heightened moods and an improved ability to learn.

One such sound innovation at Brent Cross Town will be the strategic protection and amplification of natural sounds, such as bird songs and water sounds, throughout public spaces. These areas will also feature in-built digital and sustainable sound capabilities that can be used for broadcasting musical performances and can serve similar collaborative sound initiatives for the community. In the property's office buildings, stairwells will employ uplifting soundscapes to encourage people to use them, and employees will have access to multiple spaces that will use sound and music designated for activities like meditation and relaxation. Brent Cross' residences will also be planned with optimal auditory experiences in mind, with each home constructed with stellar acoustics and shared resident spaces featuring technology that will allow residents to livestream exercise classes, music lessons, meditation sessions and more.