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Brent Cross Town is creating a lush “park town” for future London

As parks and open outdoor spaces have become more important now than ever for city dwellers, Brent Cross Town is shepherding in a greener future of living and working for the thousands of London residents. Sporting plans for 6,700 homes, spaces for 25,000 office workers and over 50 acres of parks and playing fields, the new development will create ample areas for the entire North London community to come together. Brent Cross Town is designed to resemble a “15-minute town” where everything you need is only a short walk away, including a cinema, daycare, restaurants, retail and a convenient new rail station at Brent Cross West that quickly connects to central London. The community’s inherently walkable layout is connected to eight public squares, and the abundance of outdoor spaces will be complemented by up to 150,000 square feet of indoor facilities designed to accommodate sports and recreation. Additionally, the Brent Cross Town team seeks to include and cater to more diverse perspectives from development onward, forging partnerships with groups such as Women in Sport to ensure that indoor and outdoor spaces will be friendly to everyone—no matter their gender, age or fitness level.

Brent Cross Town’s heavy focus on green spaces and strong environmental commitments not only provide benefits to the surrounding community, but also to the planet. By signing the World Green Building Council’s net zero carbon buildings commitment, Brent Cross Town will share its carbon footprint publicly to support the fight against climate change. The development is moving forward with a pledge to go zero net carbon by 2030 at the latest, which is 20 years ahead of the UK’s target date. This goal will be accomplished with innovative solutions such as low-carbon construction, renewable energy sources and carbon offsetting schemes. Each plot of land part of Brent Cross Town will also undergo a rigorous life cycle analysis in order to determine its overall carbon footprint, along with concrete ways to reduce it. When it comes to sustainable materials, the office buildings at Brent Cross Town aim to incorporate CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) which creates less waste during the construction process that makes buildings more fire-resistant and lowers stress for workers with its visual connection to the natural world. By investigating all the technologies and solutions currently available, as well as the ones yet to be discovered, the team behind Brent Cross Town is dedicated to exploring the best ways to create a more sustainable and inclusive neighborhood for all.