New York Development and Design/Construction teams


New York Development and Design/Construction teams spend an August day in service of others

At its core, Related is a company built on community. We create physical structures, but it is the people in our developments, our residences and our neighborhoods who truly bring them to life. It’s for that reason that our New York Development, Design and Construction teams joined with one of our foundational community partners—Hudson Guild—for a day of service.

Several dozen members of the development group spent their day doing hands-on work that will benefit the Hudson Guild for years to come. The Guild is a multi-service community agency serving those who live, work or go to school in the Chelsea neighborhood and its immediate surroundings on Manhattan’s West Side. Related, whose national headquarters in Hudson Yards essentially border the communities served by the Guild, has been a longtime financial supporter of the organization.

On Wednesday, our teams turned in their business attire for t-shirts and sneakers and got to work to support it with their labor.

Related President Bruce Beal and Executive VP of Design and Construction Emad Lotfalla led a community center beautification project at Fulton Community Center. They and several members of the development team gardened, planted, weeded, mulched and painted for several hours.

APG was an important part of the day as everyone felt extremely grateful and appreciative to be a part of this project.

Congrats to the entire development and construction teams on their great work.


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