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Who We Are
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We Are Reshaping Cities With Vision

We strive to propel cities forward. Our developments are inclusive, tech-forward and sustainable, and serve as economic and creative engines for their communities.

We Are Supporting Thriving Communities

From large-scale engineering and infrastructure projects to forward thinking affordable housing solutions, we are committed to growing thriving neighborhoods wherever we work.

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We Are Committed to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We relentlessly pursue innovation. By empowering our talented team, we promote entrepreneurship and new ideas to bring our ambitions to life.

We Are a Home for Culture

We create unique cultural experiences. We work to bring inspiring arts, entertainment and culinary offerings to life to make memorable moments.

We Are Wellness for People and Planet

We offer unrivaled wellness. Our properties encourage active, healthy lifestyles through integrated fitness and sustainable design to support the health of people and our planet.

Hospitality Is in Our DNA

With us, hospitality comes first. With an eye to tech and a human touch, we provide seamless service that anticipates needs and enhances lives.


Widely recognized as one of the most innovative and prolific developers in the U.S., Related is dedicated to the highest standards of art, architecture, interior and landscape design.


We own and manage a premier portfolio of assets of the highest quality valued at over $60 billion.


Affordable housing laid the foundation of our company and we continue to place a high priority on developing, acquiring and preserving housing for this sector.


Related Construction® combines industry expertise with vertical integration and a collaborative construction management process to successfully execute large-scale construction projects.

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We maintain a strategic and disciplined approach to the markets in which we operate and the product types we deliver.


Our visionary nature and determined, results-oriented culture mean that when we can’t find an existing solution to a challenge, we create one ourselves.

Over more than 45 years, we’ve sought to redefine the real estate industry
by thinking beyond physical assets to propel cities forward with innovations for how people live.
Jeff T. Blau
CEO, Related Companies


Our leadership team embodies vision, expertise and ideas

Led by visionaries who are passionate about real estate and the future of cities, our leadership team has an unrivaled track record of experience and innovation.

Meet Our Leadership Team
What Sets Us Apart
What Sets Us Apart
Experience, planning and execution

With over $60 billion worth of development and acquisition activity, we are in an exclusive league in terms of volume. This provides us with substantial purchasing and negotiating power as well as lower construction, operating and marketing costs. All of this allows us to manage our assets with greater efficiency and maximize every dollar spent.

What Sets Us Apart
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What Sets Us Apart
Financial strength to deliver

One of our greatest assets is our financial strength and in-house expertise, bolstered by our significant net worth and liquidity, access to capital, financial flexibility and ability to minimize risk. Our balance sheet is strong; we continue to reinvest our capital in our business and, as a result, have created a company with a multi-billion dollar equity value.

What Sets Us Apart
What Sets Us Apart
Global access to capital

Our access to capital is unmatched in the industry. We currently maintain significant working capital lines that are available to immediately capitalize on investment opportunities and our excellent track record puts us in the desirable and unique position of having major lenders willing to finance our projects. We have also served as a major provider of debt and equity capital and managed institutional capital for over three decades.

What Sets Us Apart
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What Sets Us Apart

We place a premium on finding and retaining only those individuals who are the very best in their respective fields. The professionalism and entrepreneurialism of our employees at every level are often noted by our partners, customers and residents as distinguishing characteristics of our company.

What Sets Us Apart
What Sets Us Apart
Strategic partnerships

We have established partnerships with an elite consortium of companies and brands to create an unprecedented urban lifestyle, delivering unique experiences and offerings to our residents, communities and employees.

What Sets Us Apart
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What Sets Us Apart
Innovative approach to infrastructure

We have established sophisticated information technology, accounting, treasury and human resources systems that assure that our partners, lenders and employees have access to timely and relevant financial information. Not only does this provide data that is critical to our successful operation, but it also gives our partners and financial sources confidence in the information we deliver.

What Sets Us Apart
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What Sets Us Apart

We operate in key gateway cities across the globe with offices and large-scale developments in major markets across the country and in select global cities. We also own and operate affordable housing properties in 24 states across the US. 


Our History

We celebrate five decades of growth and achievement in our industry

Since 1972, we have understood that only an experienced, multi-skilled team of professionals could drive Related to become what it is today—a fully integrated, highly diversified industry leader with expertise in virtually every aspect of development, acquisitions, management, finance, marketing and sales.

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Related in the Community
Related in the Community

On December 11th, Related Southeast's Related Together foundation and the Stephen M. Ross Emerging Scholars Program were pleased to provide $8M in scholarship funds to students of Palm Beach State College. Underserved students from two high schools in West Palm Beach will receive tuition-free degrees to the local college because of the foundations’ multi-year philanthropic partnership.

Related in the Community
Related in the Community
Hudson Yards team donates more than 100 suits to Manhattan job program

In November, Hudson Yards' Operations and Customer Experience team members organized a clothing donation to NYC's Riverside Church for its Career Advance program. Hudson Yards provided over 260 articles of clothing that included over 100 gently used suits, which will directly help individuals in need as they prepare for job interviews.

Related in the Community
Related in the Community
New York Development and Design/Construction Teams spend an August day in service of others – Elliott Center

“These developments only really work if the community is thriving, and the only way for the community to thrive is people giving back”: Related CEO Jeff Blau and his team, with Hudson Guild’s Ken Jockers, on their day of service at West Chelsea’s Elliott Center, spending precious time with the local children.

Related in the Community
Related in the Community
New York Development and Design/Construction Teams spend an August day in service of others - Fulton Community Center

“We are one community, for one city”: Related President Bruce Beal, with members of the construction team, on their important day of service at Hudson Guild’s Fulton Community Center, landscaping its gardens and spending time with the local senior residents.

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