Related Argent

Related Argent

Introducing Related Argent

Related Companies and Argent's joint venture company has unveiled its rebranding as Related Argent, which signals an evolution in the company's long-term vision and highlights its strong connection to Related's family of brands. The company was first formed in 2015, combining the skills, expertise and track records of Argent, known for delivering some of the best mixed-use places in the UK, and Related Companies, the most prolific and successful US real estate company, to create an unrivalled UK property business and urban regeneration specialist.


Related Argent

We are united in our restless ambition for urban placemaking and innovation

Related Argent combines the expertise and track record of Related with the pipeline and mixed-use successes of UK-based Argent. Together, we are developing places of unprecedented scale and versatility, acting as a force for good in our cities.

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What’s Happening Around the Company

Brent Cross Town's Claremont Park takes home Pineapple Award

On May 23rd, Argent Related team members accepted the Place in Progress Award from The Pineapples for Brent Cross Town's Claremont Park. Beloved by residents and visitors, Claremont Park offers plenty of opportunities to play, exercise and relax in the heart of mixed-use community Brent Cross Town, located in North London. The dynamic park features nature trails, a natural amphitheater and stage, the Water Meadows play park and a community-run ice cream parlor, as well as over 300 new tree plantings.

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Related Argent in the Community
Related Argent in the Community

On May 14th, a group of 50 amateur and seasoned cyclists from Related Argent and Argent set out on a monumental 400km bike ride from London to Paris, raising money to support The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. After three days, the group arrived in Paris on May 16th, rejoicing in their physical accomplishment and in raising over £370,000. The funds will be used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment to help diagnose more cancers at an earlier stage and save lives.