The Path Forward


Our Path Forward

Related is committed to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion within the company and the broader real estate industry.

Five Pillars of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Empowering Internal Leadership
Identify internal leaders who will ensure the achievement of Related’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals and initiatives.
Growing a Diverse Talent Pipeline for Related & the Real Estate Industry
Foster next generation talent through targeted programs and creating hiring protocols that widen our applicant pool, specifically increasing the percentage of employees from underrepresented groups.
Raising Awareness of Unconscious Bias & Structural Racism
Strengthen training protocols that raise awareness about issues of equality, equity, and structural racism in the workplace.
Enhancing Job Training, Development & Retention Programs
Ensure Black employees as well as women and people from the Latinx, Native American, Asian, and other underrepresented groups are included in the leadership development pipeline by employing a range of formal and informal professional development tools.
Utilizing Supply Chain Eco-System
Engage our supply chain to prioritize Black and M/WBEs and worker development at all stages of the process including design, construction, and operations.

Empowering Internal Leadership

Ensure focus at all levels of the organization to make sure our DE&I goals are met

Appoint a top-level executive to ensure results and transparency on DE&I goals across all business divisions.

Appoint “Captains” across our organization, both geographically and within functional groups, to lead DE&I efforts that advance progress toward our overarching goal.

Appoint “Supply Chain Officers” for development of professionals and construction vendors/subcontractors and suppliers, as well as corporate vendors, to pursue and comply with M/WBE goals.

Update company and public outlets on Related’s DE&I progress.


Growing a Diverse Talent Pipeline for Related & the Real Estate Industry

Strive for a finalist pool of applicants for all positions that includes a diverse group of candidates

Launch the Related Scholars Program and the Blau Initiative. This 10-year, $6 million program is designed to recruit students to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and mentor them through to jobs at Related or elsewhere in the industry.

Review all business processes and materials around recruitment and hiring, and implement protocols that ensure that considered candidates are representative of the society we live in.

Expand partnerships with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), Prep for Prep, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), Fannie Mae Future Housing Leaders Program, Real Estate Associate Program (REAP) and other professional organizations that focus on diversity recruitment.

Implement student ambassador recruiting programs at HBCUs with real estate development or property management programs.

Actively recruit from diverse student organizations at schools with which we are already partnered with and expand the recruitment process for internships and incoming class
positions to include the most diverse schools in each of our primary market areas.


Growing a Diverse Talent Pipeline for Related & the Real Estate Industry

Foster next-generation talent through community outreach programs targeting junior and senior high school students

Create programs in cities we serve that give students in underrepresented communities exposure to all areas of the real estate industry.

Support local public and private schools to create mentorship programs.

Expand partnerships with organizations in each of our primary market areas, such as Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) and Prep for Prep, that have been created to enhance success of junior and senior high minority students.

Encourage employees and business partners to participate in panels, mentorship programs and nonprofit boards in their communities.


Raising Awareness of Unconscious Bias & Structural Racism

Raise awareness of micro-aggressions and cultural insensitivity, as well as vocabulary and values of equality and equity issues pertinent to underrepresented groups.

WORK with experts and consultants in diversity, equity and inclusion to conduct tailored workshops with senior leadership.

PROVIDE annual diversity training in workplace for all employees.

INCORPORATE statements of anti-racism and commitments to racial equity in employee handbook.


Enhancing Job Training, Development & Retention Programs

Employ a range of professional development tools to achieve a more authentically diverse and inclusive company culture and leadership development pipeline

Create one-to-one mentorship opportunities between employees and senior-level executives.

Create skills coaching as well as specific leadership visibility and educational opportunities at all levels of employment.

Host quarterly executive leadership gatherings with members of underrepresented groups.

Revamp performance-management evaluations to ensure language is objectively consistent across all Related business units, and that responses are based on employees’ actual abilities and performance, not implicit biases.

Perform consistent evaluation of diversity throughout company for senior leadership positions.

Support organically created Employee Resource Groups/Affinity Groups to build community, provide support and contribute to personal and professional development in work environments.

Consider creating rotational leadership/management programs within specialties to expand advancement opportunities.


Utilizing Supply Chain Eco-System

Develop M/WBEs in all aspects of the real estate industry and provide advancement pathways for workers from underrepresented groups through targeted training and apprenticeships across our development markets

Expand HIRE360 workforce development initiative (based in Chicago), which is focused on increasing diversity in the construction industry, including mentoring and incubating M/WBE contractors and vendors.

Provide localized mentorship, direct investment and specialized services that will strengthen economic opportunities, engage youth and develop sustainable careers and business ventures in the construction industry.

Identify and eliminate barriers of entry into construction industry businesses relevant to M/WBEs and create a talent pipeline from underrepresented communities to fill positions of need.

Seek investment opportunities in M/WBEs to help them grow.

Include M/WBE goals as part of every Investment Memo.


Utilizing Supply Chain Eco-System

Engage our supply chains to prioritize businesses owned by members of Black and other underrepresented communities

Identify M/WBEs, contractors and subcontractors, as well as vendors, partners and lenders who can bid for Related development, construction services procurement and supply opportunities.

Identify M/WBEs with whom we can partner with on development activities.