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The Path Forward

Five Pillars of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Empowering Internal Leadership
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Identify internal leaders who will ensure the achievement of Related’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals and initiatives.
Growing a Diverse Talent Pipeline for Related & the Real Estate Industry
Foster next generation talent through targeted programs and creating hiring protocols that widen our applicant pool, specifically increasing the percentage of employees from underrepresented groups.
Raising Awareness of Unconscious Bias & Structural Racism
Strengthen training protocols that raise awareness about issues of equality, equity, and structural racism in the workplace.
Enhancing Job Training, Development & Retention Programs
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Ensure Black employees as well as women and people from the Latinx, Native American, Asian, and other underrepresented groups are included in the leadership development pipeline by employing a range of formal and informal professional development tools.
Utilizing Supply Chain Eco-System
Engage our supply chain to prioritize Black and M/WBEs and worker development at all stages of the process including design, construction, and operations.